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Are you finding an italian magician for your events?

13 febbraio, 2011

Darus is an entertainer/mind reader with a proved track record, specialized in shows for evening galas, conventions, corporate dinners, wedding shows and private parties in Italy.

Our professional service allows you to choose the programme of entertainment best suited to your requirements.

Among the effects performed, the audience will see at their table:

·         Mind reading where some spectators will think of a word, a date, a name that Darus will reveal them inexplicably;

·         Experiments of behavioural conditioning where Darus will show how the human behaviour can be influenced;

·         Paranormal phenomena like objects moving without being touched and metal bending where the audience will be directly involved;

·         but also magical effects, both classical and original with common objects taken from the tables and even more, to entertain and amaze all the guests, always with class and elegance.

Do not hesitate to contact us stating your name, requirements and contact details.

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